Let’s go to the park

Workshops, Multi sensorial event (food, music, visuals) 
Collaboration with Cécile Espinasse under Flat_friday
Special thank to ERGON, TUe Eindhoven, Heerlijck Hopveld


‘Let’s go to the Park’ is a larger name for a serie of interventions in Eindhoven and its surroundings.
It’s an invitation for a sensorial travel within the city; it suggests new appreciations, and pleasurable experiences of Eindhoven by focusing on its plant life forms -and hopes to trigger a longer term curiosity and respect towards them.
From flowerbeds to urban woods, from canal sides to grassy fields, step into Nature’s fascinating production of shape, taste, colour and processes.

Flat_friday intervened though diversed format: workshops, field research, multisensorial events. 

pictures : Sixtine Blandin

TUe Summerschool,

Workshop, prints, catering

july 2020

This event was part of the TUe SummerSchool. 

It was divided into 3 moments: walking around one nieghbourhood of Eindhoven with an ERGON employee, share a meal made by Flat_friday with vegetables/herbs found in Eindhoven, print monotypes with leaves found in the morning.

pictures : Sixtine Blandin

Research at Heerlijk Hopveld,

Research, Food design

january - ... 2020

Culinary research on roots, vegetables, herbs, found in the nature or that have been forgotten at the Social community Garden ‘Heerlijk Hopveld’.

This on going research brings an understanding and an awareness of the richeness of what’s surrounding us.

pictures : Leif Czakai
Music: HNHO & Co de Beor
Visuals: Fraser Mcfee
Food: Flat_friday

Multisensory event, Baltan Laboratory

Food, music, visuals

DDW 2019