Picture: Jordan Morineau


Born in france, I studied at the design Academy of Eindhoven and
graduated in 2019 in the food non food department.

My work evolves around the same core of satisfying primary
needs such as: eating good food, giving meaning to our
surroundings and sleeping 9 hours per night.


-TAC2STAY, July 2019
-Graduation Show, “The Guests”,

Dutch Design Week 2019


-”Let’s go to the park”, with Flat_friday,

Dutch Design Week 2019

Job experience

Co-creation «Collective Flat_Friday», with Cecile Espinasse

july. 2019 – 
Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Flat_friday is an open collective that seeks to make room for free exploration and conviviality in the midst of busy schedules and self-employment anxieties. It is shaped by weekly gatherings, moments in which members first cook together, enjoy the resulting meal and then start experimenting with carving and printing techniques.

Food designer, Atelier Maison x Onjium

Aug. 2019 – Richelieu, France

Daily drawing reports, diners, accompaniement of Korean chefs in residency

Freelance Designer - illustration and food design

march 2019 –
Eindhoven, Netherlands / Paris, France

Various graphic assignments for compagnies (Demain l’Assurance, ACCRMA, French Bootcamp)
-Logo design
-Branding video (film, interview, animate, edit)
-Promotional Flyer (advertising, special events information)
-3D renderings