Gut landscape,

Journal, drawing, pencils, 2018

The gut microbiota is different from person to person and is evoluting according to every action, decision the human takes, making it like a mirror of ourselves.
These bacterias are capable of sending signals to our nervous system, transmitted then to our brain. They’re doing a remarquable job, in a tight collaboration with the human cells and nervous system. They’re taking care of us as we are taking care of them in return.
What will it look like if everyday meal was drawn according to the gut sensations and emotions felt?
How to get a sense of our guts, even through the subjective hand?

For a month, Sixtine drew once a day what she imagined would happen in the inside after a meal. In which state of mind would she be after swallowing only sweet, or bread. These drawings stand as a personal interepretation and a renewal view of our bacterial self.

Out of this research whe made a book of gut landscape souvenirs.