On going collaboration with Cecile Espinasse

Participants: Clara Montrieul, Léa Cruard, Dané Vonk

Flat_friday is an open collective that seeks to make room for free exploration and conviviality in the midst of busy schedules and self-employment anxieties. It is shaped by weekly gatherings, anchoring moments in which members or visitors first cook together, enjoy the resulting meal and then start experimenting with carving and printing techniques.

Flat_friday encourages discovery processes, fundamental creativity and fair satisfaction.

It was founded by Cecile Espinasse and Sixtine Blandin in 2019, after they both graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven (in the Food-non-Food department). Their thrive for good food as well as their aspiration to draw brought them together. Cecile is like an ongoing movement, a creative force who keeps experimenting and producing. She is very curious for people she has little in common with and tries to find way to reach them. Sixtine, on the other hand, brings in methodology and structure. She has a fine, determined eye for details, is sharp in her selections and gets to the essence of the works.

Together they develop research projects that please the eyes, the mouth and the brain.