Picture: Nicole Marnati

Model: Anna de Charentenay

This project was exhibited at: TAC2STAY (july 2019)
and the Graduation Show, DDW 2019


Speculative Design,


One-third of our life goes into lying down, closing our eyes and waiting for our conscious-self to shut down. At this time we regenerate immune and muscular systems, assimilate new thoughts, and dream.
We now sleep in one full 8 hours block, but it is a new things inherited from the industrial revolution. Before that people used to follow the rhythm of the sun, go to bed early, and sleep until the sun would go up. In between these 12 hours, they would naturally wake up in the middle of the night, pray, make babies, meet relatives.

The project Dorveille (wake-sleep) illustrates a period of time in between two phases of sleep, representing a speculative space in which four items (a suit, a clock, a glass of water, and a journal) signify these moments of ineffeciency and a way to alter present-day sleeping habits.

The journal, kept for the duration of the experience, written in between the two phases of sleep