An Appetite for Insects,

Speculative Design, Installation,
In partnership with Albert Heijn


Insects are said to be the future of food. They are a great, inexpensive, green source of protein, capable of answering the population growth. Eating insects is also considered as being disgusting and even primitive.

Overcoming the thoughts: “it’s disgusting, it went everywhere, even on shit and dead bodies”, “with their big eyes, it looks to real”, “eating insects is for animals” is not the easiest thing. Few brands have been trying to trigger insect consumption by emphasizing on the adventurous and exciting aspect of it. With this starting point, Sixtine chose to follow, for a month an exclusive insect diet, to see what the day to day reality of insect eating is.

But in the end, she just realised how easy it was and  how they were already part of our everyday life and should be considered as something random, like meat and fish based aliments and dishes.
To highlight this banality of insect eating, Sixtine imagined a supermarket where insects are not an issue anymore; it will be common to eat a bugpizza, termite baby food and cricket ground.